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RE: Frenguellisaurus ischigualastensis

Another case maybe of curiousity killing the cat here...I'm wondering if
there's any definite relationship between Frenguellisaurus and Allosaurs
or Megalosaurs or Giganotosaurus, etc.

[Jeffrey Martz]  

      _Frenguellisaurus_ was synonymized with _Herrerasaurus_ 
_ischigualstensis_ by Novas (1993):

Novas, F. 1993. New information on the systematics and postcranial              
     morphology of _Herrerasaurus_ ischigualstensis_ (Therapoda:
     Herrerasauridae) from the Ischugualsto Formation (late Triassic)
     of Argentina. Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology13:400-424.

    Also see Sereno and Nova's papers on _Herrasaurus_ in Journal of Vertebrate 
Paleontology 13(4): 451-476.
     So, in answer to your question, yes.  It (_Herrerasaurus_) is either a 
basal theropod (according to Sereno and Novas) or somewhat more primitive 
dinosaur (perhaps a basal Saurischian) according to others.        
      Incidently, a friend of mind who does a lot of work in the Triassic read 
these papers and Novas original paper describing _Frenguillosaurus_ questioned 
his reasoning for changing his mind later about it being a separate genus, 
although I don't remeber the details as to why.         

LN Jeff