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Re: Loch Ness & Lake Tele in Africa

Good post, Dwight.  You're right about our imaginations and desires to
confront the unusual.  I'm interested in cryptozoology, although I think
few (if any) of the "spectacular" cryptids like sasquatch or lake monsters
exist.  I'd love nothing better than to be wrong, of course.  :)

You mention the mokele m'bembe  (sorry for errant spelling, my spell
checker doesn't have that for some reason!) in or near Lake Tele.  Perhaps
someone on this group can clear up a question I've had for some time.  The
current view of dinosaurs is that they were NOT sluggish, cold-blooded
lizard-like reptiles, but active creatures.  The brontosaurus/apatosaurus
image we had, of swamp-bound animals, was almost certainly wrong, yet the
mokele m'bembe is supposed to be a small sauropod dinosaur, and it lives in
the middle of a bloody swamp!  Either current science is wrong about
dinosaur habits, or this simple fact eliminates the dinosaur hypothesis for
what the creature in Lake Tele is.

Any ideas?  Please don't use the "If dinosaurs COULD HAVE survived here,
they COULD have adapted to life in the swamps" argument.  That's putting
two hypotheses together, and that's a no-no, sort of like the plesiosaur
argument for Loch Ness:  "The animals COULD have survived, COULD have
adapted to the colder temperatures and COULD have adapted to fresh rather
than salt water.  My suspension of disbelief can only go so far.


Dwight Stewart wrote in message <369d4d05.0@news.victoria.tc.ca>...
>some snipping here<

I can't think of the name of the
>critter, but there were numerous stories about a potential sauropod
>near Lake Tele (sp???) in the Congo.  Even the National Geographic had a
>story about this claim.  But, what is lacking is verifiable evidence.
>Anecdotes are interesting, but pretty useless from a scientific
>Do unknown species turn up from time to time: yes.  Would most of us on
>list like to find a Mesozoic survivor: probably yes.  Is it POSSIBLE: yes.
>Is it likely: unfortunately no.   We humans have vivid imaginations &
>legends tend to take on a life of their own, picking up anecdotal
>"verification" as they roll along.
>Dwight Stewart