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Re: Post-SICB Report: a couple more (long) thoughts

At 02:18 PM 1/14/99 -0500, Allan Edels wrote:
>Thom -

>    I liked your little 'drama'.   I can understand JH's reluctance to allow
>cladistic analysis to be the basis of much of his work.  For all of his (and
>others) science, there is a little bit of the mystical in how he (and they)
>function in the field [actually out in the field collecting specimens] -
>luck and intuition play a big part in the ability of some people finding
>great specimens - often in places that others have 'just' looked at.

Let me clarify one thing: I chose the "JH" initials to oppose the "TH" one
in the morphometric example because, well, the possessor of said initials &
I don't agree on one or two aspects of tyrannosaur biology.  HOWEVER, JH
*DOES* agree with me on the importance of cladistics, and might even exceed
me in its application to taxonomy (esp. at the "species" level).  (Yeah, I
know this is a big turn around from a few years ago, but he does indeed
strongly support cladistic analysis these days).

>>7)  We can agree on beer.
>>    - Okay, maybe not everybody, and it doesn't have to do with
>>but I wanted to end on a positive note.

>    Well, I know that JH, and TH can agree on beer, and I know that AE
>(moi), and PD, and JF, and DW, and TL, and PW, and so-on and so-on can also
>agree on beer (maybe not the same brand, but ...).  And most can agree
>philosophically with the idea of a beer - even if they cannot, or should,
>not actually partake of the beverage - the idea of sharing some downtime
>with similar people is good.

Well said.

On a related beer-paleo connection:  it is rumored that at the North
American Paleo Convention in Washington, D.C. in 1996, the catering
organizers apparently didn't want to serve beer at the opening reception
(too low brow, I guess).  They finally relented when it was pointed out to
them that paleontologists would be bringing in their own six packs and cases
if it wasn't provided...

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