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Re: Loch Ness & Lake Tele in Africa

At 16:57 -0500 14/1/1999, Alien4240@aol.com wrote:
>>Combine a local legend and a few funny noises
>>with a few inaccurate pictures in a book, and hey presto! A living
>>dinosaur.  After all, there are so many unusual fossil animals known that
>>it would be surprising if any legendary creature (most of which are just
>>exaggerated versions of living animals anyway) couldn't be "identified"
>>with one or the other of them, especially if you squint a bit.
>That's true, because, and this will sound really stupid because I don't know
>the people, but some people found elephant skeletons in Africa and thought
>they were cyclopes.

I think you have got this the wrong way round.  In an attempt
to explain the legend of the Cyclops (a *giant* one eyed human)
some people have hypothesised that the skulls of Mammoths *may*
have been mistaken for a giant one eyed creature.  Mammoths (and
Elephants) have a large nasal openining high up on the skull
which (the theory goes) could have been mistaken for a giants
eye socket.  Furthermore, as Mammoths (and Elephants) were extinct
in Europe - and the skulls relatively common - with nothing to
compare it too and a poor grasp of anatomy people assumed they
were the skulls of giant one eyed humans.

Of course this doesn't mean anyone actually ever made this mistake,
just that some far more recent people who may have held a dim view
of the intellectual prowess of their forebears *thought* that this
mistake *might* have been made.

Personally I think it's unlikely.

--- Derek

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