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Re: Post-SICB Report: a couple more (long), tall, cold thoughts

In a message dated 1/14/99 4:36:53 PM Eastern Standard Time,
th81@umail.umd.edu writes:

<<  the catering
 organizers apparently didn't want to serve beer at the opening reception
 (too low brow, I guess).  They finally relented when it was pointed out to
 them that paleontologists would be bringing in their own six packs and cases
 if it wasn't provided... >>

I somehow imagined paleontologists tapping a keg.  The skill set is very
similar, the keg material a sort of unwieldy matrix, and the fact that most
kegs I've seen don't have brand names would inspire participants to identify
the brew by its characteristics.  Or character, but I thought that term
applied to wine.  And a guest anthropologist will be on hand to point out that
beer was invented before bread.  I guess that that makes bread beer gone bad.
I also expect that guest anthropologists are not attracted by mere 6 packs.
A Jeroboam of the best to you.