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Re: Dinosaurs, Colorado, and Beer

In a message dated 1/14/99 8:16:54 PM Eastern Standard Time,
102354.2222@compuserve.com writes:
>          Speaking of which, as a former denizen of Denver, I can state with
>  authority that within a fair walk of the '99 SVP locality are some fabulous
>  microbrews (Colorado is just about the top state in the country in terms of
>  sheer number of microbreweries), which also happen to be terrific
>  restaurants.  My fave was/is the Wynkoop Brewery, which happens to have
>  great beer and the best artichoke dip anywhere.  I'll be happy to point the
>  way come convention time!  ;-D
The Breakfast of Champions for the TADLG?   Pat Norton and I would
need experienced researchers for a site survey and feasibility study.