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Re: Post-SICB Report: a couple more (long) thoughts

  To Tom and George, and to the rest of the list (of course):

  The problems with stratigraphy, geography, and biodiversity are
something at odds with the present analyis I've done on oviraptorid
phylogeny. This being that stratigraphy directly and oppositely
contradicts the phylogeny. Odd. I got into wondering about ghost
lineages, but it's heading towards what I feel is a dead end. I'm
going to pursue the thread, just to see what I can crunch from the
result, but when one opposes the other, who does it figure?

  It goes like this:

  The most oldest _known_ oviraptorid is crested. The youngest is
crested. The ones in between have nothing but a little ridge above
their pretty little noses, and generally rounded and short heads. The
sequences go like this: (Ovi (Ingen (Concho (Rinchen))))
(stratigraphically), and (((Ingen + Concho) Ovi) Rinchen) or ((Ingen +
Concho) + (Ovi + Rinchen)). I haven't finished the work, but this is a
prime example of the discrepancy George was talking about.

Jaime A. Headden

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