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Re: Loch Ness & Lake Tele in Africa

>>Combine a local legend and a few funny noises
>>with a few inaccurate pictures in a book, and hey presto! A living
>>dinosaur.  After all, there are so many unusual fossil animals known that
>>it would be surprising if any legendary creature (most of which are just
>>exaggerated versions of living animals anyway) couldn't be "identified"
>>with one or the other of them, especially if you squint a bit.
>That's true, because, and this will sound really stupid because I don't know
>the people, but some people found elephant skeletons in Africa and thought
>they were cyclopes.

>I think you have got this the wrong way round.  In an attempt
>to explain the legend of the Cyclops (a *giant* one eyed human)
>some people have hypothesised that the skulls of Mammoths *may*
>have been mistaken for a giant one eyed creature.  Mammoths (and
>Elephants) have a large nasal openining high up on the skull
>which (the theory goes) could have been mistaken for a giants
>eye socket.  Furthermore, as Mammoths (and Elephants) were extinct
>in Europe - and the skulls relatively common - with nothing to
>compare it too and a poor grasp of anatomy people assumed they
>were the skulls of giant one eyed humans.
>Of course this doesn't mean anyone actually ever made this mistake,
>just that some far more recent people who may have held a dim view
>of the intellectual prowess of their forebears *thought* that this
>mistake *might* have been made.
>Personally I think it's unlikely.
>--- Derek

Thankyou, I stand corrected. That sounds a little better.