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Baryonyx & Suchomimus

I /FINALY/ got the December 98 Issue of nationalgeographic!YAY!!
:)(Sure...they send me the January issue BEFORE the December 
one...sheesh...I just love the logic in that!)
hopefully this isn't opening a closed topic,but...

I was looking at the image/article on Suchomimus (I keep on wanting to 
call is Suchiomimus!), and the animal looked a lot like Baryonyx(sp) to 
me. According to one of my really old dinosaur books, and the 
restoration, they look almost identical, were fairly close in size and 
both have been found in Niger.
What was different between the two animals?
How do we know the new Suchomimus wasn't a baryonyx?
Looking at the jaw of the restoration of the Suchomimus & Baryonyx, 
I was wondering...couldn't they have used those jaws to grab hatchling 
dinosaurs/eggs?*shrug* It looks like that'd be how it fed to me, but 
that's just the idea I got from looking at it, and my dinosaur books 
yesterday while I stayed home sick from school...
Also, I was wondering what makes Suchomimus a spinosaur? and is Baryonyx 
a spinosaur too? They don't look anything like the spinosaurus 
restorations /I've/ seen (but then again, I've never seen a spinosaur 
skeleton to compare to baryonyx or suchomimus....

-Jessica W.

"Old dinosaurs don't die...they just fossilze and erode away."

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