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New 25mm Tyrannosaurus rex

A typical post from me.

Ral Partha, a miniatures company that produces those little 25mm
miniatures for D&D and such, has released a 25mm scale Tyrannosaurus
rex.  (25mm scale means that a human miniature is supposedly 25mm tall.)

Their website is http://www.ralpartha.com, but don't expect to see a
picture.  The thing is an astonishingly expensive $40.00.  I got one
for a still-expensive $30.00 at the Compleat Strategist in NYC.

It is actually a fairly nice model.  Don't let the PURPLE paint-up on
the cover fool you (yes, a purple T. rex, hardee har har).  It comes
in eight pieces, and requires assembly with epoxy or zap, and will
need some filler too.

A problem: This T. rex has forelimbs like it was a big velociraptor,
and these simply have to go.  They make the damned thing look out of
scale; even my mother knows that T. rex had small forelimbs.  I
suggest resculpting with a bit of milliput.  An easy conversion, and
you can even use elements of the provided fingers to just stick into
the milliput.  For a good guide showing what is probably a much more
accurate forelimb depiction, look at Greg Wenzel's superb T. rex:


(Homepage for the image is http://www.dinosaurstudio.com)

Ral has done a 25mm Triceratops too, which is twenty semoleans, but
the sculpt totally failed to pique my interest.  A shame, really.

So if you want something to gobble up your D&D hobbits and orcs, buy
one today!

(When will they be doing a camptosaur?  Heh heh.)


"Glass of milk
Standing in between extinction in the cold
And explosive radiating growth"

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