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Re: Eustreptospondylus Q's

I wrote:

<<It depends on the antlers, which by their own composition, will not
fossilized. Who knows, maybe hypsies and hadrosaurs had antlers or

Philidor wrote:

<I've seen horns, of course, but antlers?!>

  Whoa! Did I say antlers? Perhaps that was a jump. No, I don't expect
antlers or brachiated horns on hadrosaurs. Just pronghorns. :)

<I was initially asking about predators, who would need a lot more
energe for a continuing chase.  That, of course, has implications for
their anyothermy. I don't think there is a living reptile which chases
for a long time, is there?>

  I've heard tales of crocodiles, and monitors like the Komodo one,
but that last one's not really a trace. Take a bite, infect, and stalk
until the prey dies, but it's similar.

<Thanks for the image of antlered hadros, though with all the other
decorations a lot of them had on their heads, antlers would have made
things cluttered.>

  Ha! ha!

<My favorite dinotype image is still the one I mentioned in my
Christmas greeting to Mary Kirkaldy(sp?), Santa's sled drawn by a
covey of archaeopteryxes. Just for that one night, they can fly. (If
the reconstructions are any indication, though, any kid looking out
the window at the wrong time would scream at a phalanx of turkey
buzzards bearing down on him. Maybe it's better to leave it at


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