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Dinosaur TV Week

Here are some highlights of U.S. national programming concerning
dinosaurs, other prehistoric animals and evolution, from high art to
low trash and back again, all times Eastern (check local listings to

Monday, January 18 (Martin Luther King Day)

SCIFI Channel, 3:00am
The Creature Walks Among Us
Prehistoric gillman really doesn't need those gills, does he?  The
final assault on this poor guy, who was guilty of no more than having
a thing for the ladies.  (Get in line pal.)  By the way, a high-tech
remake of the original Creature movie is in development.

Discovery Channel, 9:00pm
The Extinction Files
Scully and Mulder time warp back to the Triassic to stop a plot to
make dinosaur evolution *never happen.*  No, seriously, this purports
to be about living fossils -- creatures that have undergone little
evolutionary development in millions of years.

Monday, January 18/Tuesday, January 19  

Discovery Channel, midnight
The Extinction Files

Tuesday, January 19  

TBS, 5:05pm
Full House
This must be a cartoon or a sitcom, but it's another example of
zaniness that ensues when a visit to a museum leads to the accidental
collision with a dinosaur skeleton.  Must happen a lot.

Wednesday, January 20

SCIFI Channel, 3:00pm
The Lost World
The sixties version.  Dinosaurs chase pink-slacked Jill St. John in
the Amazon.

Thursday, January 21

Discovery Channel, 9:00pm
Rise of the Humans
Human evolution.

Thursday, January 21/Friday, January 22

Discovery Channel, midnight
Rise of the Humans

Saturday, January 23

HISTORY Channel, 8:00am
History Showcase
"The Marcus Dairy Story; After the Big Ones"
A story about dairy and a story about dinosaurs (presumably Marsh and
Cope, maybe more).

Discovery Channel, 5:00pm
Rise of the Humans

Discovery Channel, 6:00pm
The Extinction Files

Sunday, January 24

DISNEY Channel, 9:30am
Amazing Animals
"Extinct Animals"
Your guess is as good as mine.

A curiously dinosaur-free dinosaur TV week,


"Glass of milk
Standing in between extinction in the cold
And explosive radiating growth"

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