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Re: uprightedness (was Re: SICB Report, part 1 (long)]

Male peacocks can fly
-and their tails outweigh anything Archie or his ilk have been shown to
hmmm, and a male peacock with it's upright S-posture displays the tail
nearly vertically....
(center of gravity...or just pretty....?) 
hmm but it still has to walk with all the weight BEHIND it when the tail
is not displayed.

I suggest peacocks might be a model to look at for theropod stance and
locomotion as well.
They seem to have the longest and heaviest mass behind the pelvis in
modern birds...

those Cretaceous parrots..would they be as upright in posture as modern
parrots I wonder? 
Or just beaked like modern parrots?

-Betty Cunningham

"James R. Cunningham" wrote:
> It doesn't appear to me that the constraints of fluid mechanics result in
> aerodynamic considerations forcing a shortening of the tail. Pheasants do
> pretty well with a long tail.  Archies' tail doesn't appear to me to have
> been a handicap in flight -- more of a benefit, I'd say.