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Re: CNN:tour Utah's Dinosaur Monument

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 In the photo of the allosaur mount, what is the skull in the case in
 front of the allosaur mount?  It doesn't look T rexish.
  I think(?) it's a very nice Allosaurus. If you look around for a paperback
called _Dinosaur National Monument_by John S. McIntosh, 1977,Constellation
Phoenix, Inc.,you can find a fine color photo of Tobe Wilkins preparing the
skull. I don't know if they still sell it at the park, but you could ask or
check outfits like bookfinder.com. It was originally supposed to be Fossils
Magazine #2, if any of you old timers remember that bit of sad and ancient
history. If you can find a copy, you'll enjoy it as it is beautifully
illustrated and contains numerous primordial Mark Hallett illustrations. 22
years ago!  Dan Varner.