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Re: Baryonyx & Suchomimus

I think this spinosaur thing is a bit complicated:

Baryonyx: is supposed to be a spinosaurid because of it's ?jaws. But at the 
Baryonyx was known, the only knows "spinosaurids" where Spinosaurus and other 
(now considered "megalosaurids" and other Avetheropods". The only relationship 
I can see 
that makes Baryonyx _especially_ attached to Spinosaurus is...well, nothing!

Spinosaurus and Siamosaurus: Considered Spinosaurids because of their teeth, 
unserrated - but Baryo's teeth are serrated.

Suchomimus: Has great similarities with Baryonyx (skull, claws). I don't know 
Suchomimus teeth are serrated or unserrated. The sail on it's back attaches it 
Spinosaurus. This makes Spinosaurus and Baryonyx attached too. But BEFORE 
Suchomimus was 
found: What made 'us' attach Baryonyx with Spinosaurus?

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