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Re: Ozzy Emu omlettes at Lake Eyre? Eye-eye!

    I suppose that the analysis indicated that the eggs were formed by
healthy individuals, and did not show any problems that would be
attributable to climate or diet changes.  Take away those factors, and the
main one remaining is human intervention - especially at the time-frame
indicated - i.e. near the time humans began to settle (or merely) use the
areas where the birds lived.

    Allan Edels

P.S. Are you a big-endian or a small-endian?   :-)

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Subject: Re: Ozzy Emu omlettes at Lake Eyre? Eye-eye!

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><< Analyses of
> more than 1000 eggshells of emu and another flightless bird (_Genyornis
> newtoni_) suggest that human activity, rather than climate, was
> responsible for extinction of the latter ~50,000 years ago. (photo: G.
> H. Miller)" >>
>Spoon marks?  Copies of a broadside arguing the eggs should be eaten broad
>down?  Fossil paprika?