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Re: Baryonyx & Suchomimus

Enrique Padron (DinosØMP) wrote:

<Baryonyx: is supposed to be a spinosaurid because of it's ?jaws.>

  It's teeth, and jaws. Conical with a microtexture resembling ridges
running up-and-down. Spoon-shaped anterior end of the dentary, with
enlarged teeth, bigger than those behind.

<Suchomimus: Has great similarities with Baryonyx (skull, claws). I
don't know is Suchomimus teeth are serrated or unserrated.>

  They are serrated. Or should I say, MICROserrated, like Bary's.

<The sail on it's back attaches it to Spinosaurus. This makes
Spinosaurus and Baryonyx attached too.>

  Not exactly. It's one of many characters that includes jaw and tooth

<But BEFORE Suchomimus was found: What made 'us' attach Baryonyx with

  Charig and Milner did not include the two. They specifically
excluded the two from being close relatives. In 1990, they did it even
more. They haven't been conclusively put together until the work of
Taquet and Buffetaut, working in Niger and Morocco, found bones that
were so similar to both and belonging to single specimens, that they
were regarded as a single inclusive group. Paul (1988) also placed
them within the Spinosauridae (Stromer, 1914) and made the
Baryonichidae (Charig and Milner, 1986) a junior synonym. Sereno et
al.'s work (this most recent study) is short, but helps sum up some of
the details and adds a few more characters that link them all, like
the tooth morphology (unserrated teeth are distinctive of Spino, but I
do not this this makes *Irritator* OR *Angaturama* similar to it).

  Anyway, the issue's hardly settled, and when the Irritator
redescription comes out, I hope it'll clear some stuff up!

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