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Re: Eggs,Embryos,and Birds

--Original Message-- From: Ralph W. Miller III <gbabcock@best.com>: Sunday,
January 17, 1999 09:21 AM

>It has since turned out -- on the basis
>of a "nesting" _Troodon_ atop such a clutch -- that these "_Orodromeus_"
>were in fact _Troodon_ eggs.

Does anyone have a reference/url for this?

>Regarding birds being descendants of dinosaurs, I say "Aye."  Either that,
>the fossil record is evidence of one heck of a conspiracy!  (No, do not
start a
>fossil conspiracy thread)!

I would agree that birds are probably dinos though of course I would doubt
some of the evidence Ralph accepts.  The basis for most of the common belief
rests on just two accidents:

1)  The existing mindset of "the hunt for the *origins* of birds" by those
who noticed the  _Deinonychus_/ Archy similarities, biasing the field
towards an ancestor relationship;

2)  A bug in the commonly used basic cladistic algorithm which forces
flightless forms together.

Once freed from these two, the picture makes perfect sense, with no
unpleasant paradoxes.  The fact that many have fallen prey to the two points
above does not constitute a conspiracy, just a fashion.  Groups of people
following similar lines of action or belief rarely initiate it as a result
of coordinated
action, and don't usually ever coordinate it explicitly.