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Re: SICB Report

Apparently the
> only way to find these is to compare them to the known control
> there is no algorithm that will tell you in advance that a cladogram
> incorrectly construl with it":
cted (if there were, it would become
part of the
> of course). I was surprised to learn that the percentage was so high.

>>Also not entirely correct.  I agree that we can never *know* whether
we have the One True Tree or not, but we can go beyond simply saying
"Here's my tree - deal with it ">>>

Or we can expect to "converge" on the one true tree by the addition of
characters and taxa - take the example of Mesozoic bird phylogeny,
despite the dramatic increase in the numbers of taxa since 1986 (when
Cracraft published his early work), overall topology appears to have
remained the same, with no real changes in "shape" .... if you see what
I mean ...



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