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Re: Deinonychus pubis

At 07:46 PM 1/17/99 -0500, Sherry Michael wrote:
>I was reading parts of a borrowed publication- it was "osteology of
>Deinonychus antirrhopus" Peabody Bulletin 30 by Ostrom.  Anyway, I was
>surprised to read the description of the pubis. It was described as a flat
>bladelike bone, without a shaft at all. However all the mounts and
>descriptions I've seen, Deinonychus has the typical theropod "shaft and
>boot" pubis.  What' s the story?

It turned out that the "pubis" Ostrom described was its coracoid!!  The
pubis you've seen in later restorations is based on the real thing.

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