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Fluffy Fuzzy Oviraptorettes

For possibly the millionth time, I'm doing a new version of my 'famous' 
(at least schoolwide) "Fluffy,fuzzy,pink,marshmallowy, cute baby 
oviraptorette!" :)
Here's last summer's doodle..
I'm not sure how the back of the skull goes, or if I got the beak or 
everything in proportion...kinda went on instinct alone, and comparisons 
to that summer's brood of sparrows I was caring for..
(awww.....four baby sparrows...it gives a new meaning to the term 
'pocket pet'...2 of the babies died, and 2 were released successfully 
into the wild around september).
I'd apreciate comments on how I could improve my next "oviraptorette" 

Jessica Wagar
Amateur Paleontologist

Good friends are like good books;
Hard to find and worth keeping-JNW'98

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