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Re: Eggs,Embryos,and Birds

--Original Message-- From: Ralph W. Miller III <gbabcock@best.com>: Monday,
January 18, 1999 04:30 PM

>John V Jackson wrote:
>> Does anyone have a reference/url for this?


>> I would agree that birds are probably dinos though of course I would
>> some of the evidence Ralph accepts.  The basis for most of the common
>> rests on just two accidents:
>> 1)  The existing mindset of "the hunt for the *origins* of birds" by
>> who noticed the  _Deinonychus_/ Archy similarities, biasing the field
>> towards an ancestor relationship;
>...and resulting in what interpretive errors?

My view is that "_A_ ancestor to _D_" is the truer one.

>Are you suggesting that the
>similarities are all convergences?


>What evidence that I accept do you doubt?
>Please be specific.

Cladistic evidence.

>> 2)  A bug in the commonly used basic cladistic algorithm which forces
>> flightless forms together.
>What bug is this, and where has the alleged arthropod led scientists

My view is expressed at :

>> Once freed from these two, the picture makes perfect sense, with no
>> unpleasant paradoxes.
>What picture?  If birds are not derived theropod dinosaurs in your opinion,

That's not my opinion.  I obviously haven't been shouting loudly enough!

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