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   I've noticed a lot of spinosaurid discussion lately, and was wondering
if some of the dubious African material, i.e. that assigned to
*Inosaurus*, "Elaphrosaurus" *gautieri*, and "E." *iguidiensis*, could
belong to young individuals of *Baryonyx*, *Suchomimus*, or the erstwhile
*Cristatusaurus* (that critter was dropped in a hurry,  but that's
another subject).  

   Just to make sure I'm on the right track here, Spinosauridae (without
using subfamily divisions) now consists of:
*Spinosaurus* (*S. aegyptiacus* including *S. marrocanus*, I believe),
*Suchomimus*, and 
*Baryonyx* definitely; 
*Irritator* (maybe including *Angaturama*) and 
*Angaturama* very probably; and 
*Siamosaurus* and possibly 
*Sinocoelurus* as dubious members, with 
*Cristatusaurus* either dubious, valid, or synonymous with *Suchomimus*;
and the material assigned to "Spinosaurus B" referred to
*Sigilmassasaurus* and then to *Carcharodontosaurus*, which is not a
spinosaurid but a carcharodontosaurid.  Am I missing anyone or including
anyone I shouldn't?  Thanks in advance-*Thescelosaurus*

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