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Re: Stratigraphy, biogeography & cladograms

It seems to me that (modern birds) may simply be all that's left of a
major group of animals (major prebird creature group) that extended from
the early Jurassic right on into the late Cretaceous.  And rather than
trying to fit such fossils as Archie, Seino, Caud, etc as direct
ancestors of (modern birds), the whole mess is more like fitting a newly
found fossil hominid into the (modern humans) family tree. Very very few
hominid fossils are direct ancestors of (modern humans).

If that is the case is it possible that (modern birds) might actually be
derived/descended from more than one line of (prebird creatures) from
this (major prebird creature group)?   

How would you say that in linnean or cladistic terms?

-Betty Cunningham