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HUMOR: Oedipus rex

Forwarded from rec.arts.sf.written

> > : Has anyone written _Oedipus T. Rex_ yet?
> >
> > How's he supposed to poke his own eyes out with those little stubby arms?
> It occurs to me he could use a nearby sharp tree? It was a cloak-pin
> in the original.
> Oddly the more I think of this the more I think an animated film of
> :Antigone: (and some of the back-story of :Seven Against Thebes:) with
> dinosaurs would work quite well as metaphor. Same goes for :Hamlet:.
> Hmm. Could start a craze.
>When we (Pete and Anne-Marrie Wright and I) went to see Kenneth
>Brannagh's film of Much Ado About Nothing, which was out at the same
>time as Jurassic Park, we made the man in the ticket office promise that
>there would be no dinosaurs in it at all. He seemed quite reluctant to
>agree to this.

>After the film we went back to report that we had thought there might
>have been one hiding in the maze during the scene in the fountain but
>would give him the benefit of the doubt.