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I was just confused by all these
nomen ---
I keep on seeing them refered to on this list, but cannot find them in a 
dictionary. Maybe I should get one of those scientific ones...
I've deduced that they have something to do with fossils' names and 
something else about them but not much
ie: published,unpublished,re-named, etc, or something like that
but I'd like some more help with the 'nomen' phrases.
So before I go on for years with wrong ideas in my head about what they 
mean, I'd like to get some basic answers.
What do they mean, in the most basic of terms?
 ex nomen nudum, (those 'nomen' words!!) ...there's like 3 or 4 of those 
two-part phrase/word things I keep on hearing (yet cannot remember right 
now when I'm trying to write about them! hahaha)...

Please reply offlist. 

Thanks in advance,

Jessica Wagar
Amateur Paleontologist

Good friends are like good books;
Hard to find and worth keeping-JNW'98

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