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Dinofest 1999 in Baltimore!!!!!! <maybe>

Hey gang,

I just returned from a meetng at the Maryland Science Center here in Baltimore
where talked with the director for education about some projects relating to
my Arundel site and dinosaur science. I als was given the VIP tour of their
Jurassic Park Exhibit which despite the problems we have all discussed
relating to theerrors and inaccuracies of those films, I am ecstatic to say,
that there was little JP and mucho dinosaurs! They had mounted skeletons and
skulls of dinos, a couple pterosaurs, therapsids, amber, eggs etc from all
around the world and arranged according to Period! They also had a small
display of Astrodon material from Maryland including one specimen from yours
truly that I was not aware of (these were loaned to them by the Smithsoinan).

During the course of our discussion, I was informed that the Center was in the
final stages of working out an agreementwith Dinofest and will likely be
bringing the show to my home town this summer! It is not definite yet but
prospects look good. The interesting aspects of this are 1) the Md. Science
Center is 1/3 the size of the Philly site and thus they will have to erect
large climate controlled tents OUTSIDE , 2) There may or may not be any
symposia due to the short notice and the fact that the Philly show just passed
by but they may arrange for a 1 Day series of talks, and 3) it seems that
Dinofest is thinking about going annual rather than biannual.

I want to emphasize that thisis still in the planning stages and nothing is
set I stone. I am relaying this to the assembled mind with the director of
education's permission and as a favor to drum up interest. Should this come to
fruition, I will likely be loaning them some of my Arundel plant and dino
material for all to see and of course will assist them in an unofficial was as
much as I can exclusive of the fact that field season will be under way.

If I fins out anything else and/or get solid dates etc, I will be sure to let
y'all know!


Thomas R. Lipka
Paleontological/Geological Studies