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RE: FLYING-->FLIGHTLESS-->FLYING: Humor, more or less

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        Is that a theory?  Has it been tested?  What if you could prove by
        the theory that theories didn't need to be tested?


           Well, we do that in theoretical physics in a convoluted way.  :-)
Though we haven't proven a theory that
        theories don't need to be tested, we do have the Intellectual Swiss
Pocket Knife of the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principal to explain why we CAN'T
know certain things.  We also use "the inadequacy of extant technology" ploy
to good effect.  My personal favorite is the vexing limitation of the lack
of a functioning time machine.  We usually blame that on engineers.  As a
matter of fact, the "lack of a functioning time machine" would be a good one
for Paleontologists to borrow.  :-)
           On a more serious note, a multidisciplinary approach can be used
to "carpet bomb" a question.
        Look at the cross discipline work being done in hominid
Paleontology.  Of course, contention will
        inevitably be introduced (see Neanderthal)... ahmmm.  It's a shame
that more intact DNA hasn't been recovered from dinosaur fossils!  And, no:
I don't mean for purposes of cloning.  Naturally, multidiscipline
        studies have been done in dinosaur Paleontology for a long time, so
what I am talking about is MORE of this.