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Darren Naish wrote:

<On the same theme, Milner's theory required that a 'notch' in the
caudal cervicals of _Parasaurolophus_ was not an artefact, but a
genuine feature present in all individuals. This is evidently
incorrect, but I am sure I've seen life restorations of
_Parasaurolophus_ where the 'neck notch' is evident. Sorted through
loads of dino art over the weekend and couldn't find it.. I thought it
might have been Jenny Halstead but alas was not. Can anyone cite
artwork with a restored _Parasaurolophus_ that has the neck notch?>

  Well, considering that there onyl seem to be two actual postcrania
that include this region of the back, and that the type for *P.
walkeri* shows it and *P. cyrtocristatus* does not, I would be
hesitant to include a "foliage-deflector". You would think that it
could do this without the notch, as well as with it, right! Aside from
the fact that the proximal knob on the relavent neural spine is larger
than its neighbors and so might be a feature of "Ooops!" Also, the
nuchal and intra-spinal ligaments that would be anchored on those
spines would have a very interesting morphology unique, I believe, to
all vertebrates: that is, an averted spine preceeded AND followed by
an upright one!

  Anyway, my 5 pence.

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