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Re: Allosaurus skeleton information

I don't think it will be of much help for most of you on the list
(especially the author of the original question, I fear), but the nature and
ecology theme park Ecodrome (Zwolle, the Netherlands) has a mounted
Allosaurus fragilis skeleton. It should be the only one in the Netherlands
or even in Western Europe, I've been told.

It is currently mounted in the Biorama (see
http://www.ecodrome.nl/frame_park.htm) where I've seen last year. There is
no information about it on the website, and you're not allowed to take
pictures yourself (so I don't have any). But at least you now know of
another mounted Allosaurus.

I was there during a quiet period and because of the questions I asked about
the specimen and the generally more than average interest I must have
displayed I was allowed to come within the approx. 2m high plexiglass
enclosure and look at it really closely. That was really great...

Jarno Peschier

Compass Interactive / NedStat
www.nedstat.nl / www.sitestat.com