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Re: Ancestors... (was Re: Stratigraphy, biogeography & cladograms)

Thomas R. Holtz, Jr. wrote:

> Jack Horner has a lot to say about ancestors these days, some of which is
> discussed in "Dinosaur Lives".  He may have even convinced me to drop my
> (hitherto still morphologically- and specific mate recognition system-based)
> species concept altogether and like him recognize that a lot of taxonomy is
> bass-ackwards: that lineages are the real thing, and species are the human
> constructs.

It had been my understanding that "species" was the reality and all
above that level were man made.  Is it not so that to be the same
species an organism 
must be able to mate with a like organism and produce a viable
(obvious exceptions - single celled life and parthogenetic reproduction)
If species
is also a human construct, what would be the definition?

Bill Hinchman