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Re: Ancestors... (was Re: Stratigraphy, biogeography & cladograms)

what doesn't work across species in mammals works across species in
Hybridization in plants is common.  (just to pipe up and be difficult)

-Betty Cunningham

"Stewart, Dwight" wrote:

>            Well, I think it's one caveat of species that the animals have to
> be able to produce viable offspring, naturally.  But, I took viable as
> meaning that
>         the offspring are capable of reproducing.  A mule is the sterile
> offspring of
>         a horse & a donkey.  I was taught that mules are sterile BECAUSE a
> horse &
>         a donkey are not the same species.  I'm sure if that isn't the case,
> there will be a zoologist on the list can give us the facts.
>         Dwight