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Re: American Oviraptors?

gobi2010@hotmail.com ("GOBI 2010") queried the list:

> I have a fossil cast of an 'Oviraptor sp. claw' (wondering what the sp

> is..*shrugs* Oviraptor something orrather mysterious chopped off
> genus-species name, no doubt),From the Wyoming Dinosaur Center.
> On the bottom of the tag, after the date of something-or-other MYA,
> it states, what I assume is the place found--Wyoming?!.
> I thought all Oviraptosaurs lived in,like, the gobi?

Oh no. Oviraptorosaurs  were intercontinental travelers (I'm not

> Can anyone else give me more information on this animal,
> or tell me if it was a case of mis-labling?

Can't help you regarding the specific problem, but you probably don't
a replica of an Oviraptor sp. claw.  I don't think that genus has been
found in N. America (yet).
But it could very well be a Oviraptorosaur of some sort (maybe
Chirostenotes (=Caenagnathus)).
Chiroste' is found in North America.
>From Wyoming, huh?  Probably Lancian.  Does the label say "65 Mya" on it