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Re: Allosaur/Sinraptor confusion

Caleb Lewis wrote:

<Hey guys,>

  There are gals here :) [being very light]
<Recently I was reading one of my books and read something about it
being rather difficult to telling sinraptors from allosaurs and
vica-verca. It gave the way to do it, but the terminology used was too
technical for me. I was wondering: could anyone here explain this to
me in terms that I could understand (or at least with definitions to
all the various skull bones and such.)???>

  You need a comparative reference, something that will show various
skull and labels, and the best one out there is _the Dinosauria_.
Aside from that, you'll also want to check out Jeff Poling's Omnipedia


  and Mike Keesey's Dinosauricon at


  both of which include a section that details the various bones of
the skulls in color, so you can tell them apart. They use
*Deinonychus*, but that's alright, because the bones are all mostly in
the same place in all of the theropods (or Dinosauria! Sauropods and
ceratopians are another matter). They also have anatomical features
defined, for anyone who really wants to know, and those, along with
Dinogeorge's website, at


  are some of the most useful sites to us paleobuffs. Both have links
to other useful sites, but those all pale in comparison (except for
Dann Pigdon's synopses and essays on Australian dinosaurs, and Andy
Farke's site on Torosaurus [hese, like mine (not included here) are
specialized] ).

  Now when you want to get down to the nitty gritty, the real easy way
to tell allosaurines from sinraptorines is that the sinraptorines have
lots of holes and excavations (like pits or bowls) in their noses and
a single bump on the back of their ischia (plural; the singular is
ischium), which is the lower rear pelvic bone.

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