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Challenger irritates

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From: Jeffrey Martz <jeffmartz@earthlink.net>
To: 'dinosaur@usc.edu' <dinosaur@usc.edu>
Date: dinsdag 19 januari 1999 0:52
Subject: The fossil record

>Lets try to stay chill and focus on working out the arguments
>and the evidence rather then playing dress-up as Professor
>Challenger.  It irritates and bores but contributes nothing
>substantial to the pursuit of science to try to figure out the
>way things really happened.

Given the species _Irritator challengeri_ (I did remember that one
correctly, didn't I?) I find it amusing to see you using "Professor
Challenger" and "It irritates" so closely together. Was that perhaps on
purpose, or is this just something unintentional that my mind happens to
snap onto...?

Jarno Peschier

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