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Re: Stratigraphy, biogeography & cladograms

John V Jackson wrote:

> >See Brochu, C.A. & M.A. Norell.  1998.  There is no temporal paradox in
> bird
> >origins.  JVP 18(3):29A-30A.  Chris has explicitly dealt with the use (and
> >abuse) of stratigraphic info in looking at the "maniraptoran problem".
> So "There is no temporal paradox in bird origins"?  I'm sorry but they're
> wrong, period.  I could spend my entire life arguing this one but they are
> expert foresters in the Great Wood of Clad, obfuscating, diverting and
> sapping one's energy.  They would never admit defeat.  Frankly, I would
> rather spend my time reading Newton's works discussing the categories of
> angels and the structure of heaven.  Don't think lying with statistics is
> beyond me, I've just got more worthwhile and much less boring things to do.

I don't mind being told I might be wrong - and yes, I would publicly eat
my words if shown to be wrong - but this verges on accusing me of

I therefore request that you READ THE ABSTRACT before condemning it,