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Re: "The X Digit"...a pteroid bone??

Larry Febo wrote:

>I just got around to reading "The Beginnings of Birds" (Hect et. al.).


>...There`s only one creature, (that I`m aware of), that fits the bill as
>having and "extra" preaxial "digit", and that would be the Pterosaur, with
>its "pteroid bone".

Well, what about the other features of the skeleton that would preclude
pterosaurs from giving rise to birds? When the total evidence is weighed,
the evidence against such a link far outweighs that for a link (many of
which can be explained away as similar adaptation for flight).

An aberrant carpal in birds? First time I've heard of that. The only living
tetrapod I know of with such a feature is the giant panda. What exactly did
these embryologists say?

Raymond Thaddeus C. Ancog
Mines and Geosciences Bureau