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RE: T.Rex DNA?

Hi, Folks;

   I surely wish we had a SEARCH option on the archives! :-)  I don't recall
the lady's name who is working with Dr. Horner, but some partial DNA was
extracted from a Tyrannosaurus rex femur.  It is not true that DNA can only
be preserved for 5K years, but intact DNA strands are more & more rare as
one goes back in time.  This would be affected by circumstances of
preservation, etc.  DNA has
(in fact) been extracted from 40,000 year old Neanderthal fossils.
   I'm sure some helpful person knows this person's name (I THOUGHT I had
DNA can be viewed as a code, not dependent on the material being alive, per
Here is an URL to address genetics questions to a geneticist:

   As far as "answering creationists, phrenologists, bozologists", whatever,
why bother?  And that stuff is not really an appropriate topic for this list
(which we HAVE discussed before). :-)!!!


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            Fe, Fi, Fo, Fole,

            Do I smell the test query,

            Of a creationist mole?  ;-)?

            Heartfelt apologies if this (see below) was a sincere inquiry,
        'help-toward-understanding' is wasted if presented to MADE-UP minds?
        "Creation Science" has never been an objective pursuit of knowledge.
        to support one's beliefs, one resorts to modifying science by
        "Creation" in front of the word (and practice), the search for
        becomes merely a facade for dogma.

            Time me out if I've violated the spirit of the rules, Mickey;
but there
        are some things one just feels must be said, and my apology  for any

            Ray Stanford

            T.J. wrote:

        >Sorry to bring up the C -word here on the list, but I need some
        >against creationist arguments!
        >I remember having read somewhere in the beginning of the 90s that
        >had been extracted from a split Tyrannosaur femur. I don't remember
        >having thought of it that much back then, but now some
        >minded guy is using the story as evidence of dinosaurs having lived
        >a few thousand years ago since DNA only lasts for 5000 years or so
        >(which AFAIK is a scientific fact). Did something like this
        >happen (was it really DNA that was found in the bone) and if yes,
        >can you explain this? Thanks in advance.
        >T.J., a regular lurker