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RE: Sinosauropteryx protofeathers

Okay, I know I'm asking for a verbal spanking here, but HERE GOES:
will someone give a clear definition of "protofeather" as contrasted to
Here's what I'm fishing for: are there defined characteristics that would
identify a structure AS a protofeather (as opposed to a feather).  I know
this has been hit on before, BUT - is there some characteristic and/or
structure of
a feather that DEFINES it as a "true" feather?


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        << I'd stick with the term "protofeather" for _Sinosauropteryx_ to
make it
         unambiguously clear for the layman that it appeared _before_ the
         of "true" feathers by _Caudipteryx_ and _Protarchaeopteryx_. >>

        Beware; this may be a grave error. The _Sinosauropteryx_
"protofeathers" could
        easily be nonflight feathers derived from an earlier volant
ancestor. Best not
        to freeze the terminology, lest you freeze your thinking into the