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To Mr. Jackson and others,

Please please please please PLEASE take a look at any sort of elementary text
that has to do with historical geology.  I beg of you to take a look at the
sea level during the Middle Jurassic.  Hey, do you notice that it's very high?
Also, perhaps you can open up Predatory Dinosaurs of the World and take a look
at the phylogram.  How many named theropods are known from the Middle
Jurassic?  ONE.

Mr Jackson, I really can't grasp your reasoning in light of these facts...
You claim that Archaeopteryx HAD to be ancestoral to things like
saurornithoidids, dromaeosaurs and oviraptors because these creatures aren't
found in rocks that predate Archaeopteryx, but how can you know that they
didn't live at that time when you have virtually NO terestrial deposition
during that time anywhere on Earth?

Don't you get it?  The single named theropod known from the Middle Jurassic,
Proceratosaurus, is a coelurosaur.  From about the same time there are
theropod teeth that are almost certainly from a dromaeosaur.. or a
deinonychosaur ss as you will.  There are plenty of coelurosaurs from the Late
Jurassic as well, Ornitholestes, Compsognathus, and Koparion which is a
freaking saurornithoidid.  There is also word of some tyrannosaur material
from the Morrison, which points to an AT LEAST Middle Jurassic divergence
WITHIN Arctometatarsalia, which means that Arctometatarsalia diverged from
Maniraptora AT LEAST by that time.

Again, I urge you to look through the archives, historical geology texts and
The Dinosauria.  Actually... I urge EVERYONE on this list to do that, so we
are all on the same page when we talk about this.  Know the facts darnit..
don't just make it up as you go along, or plainly ignore them...

Also, check out a message from last July about that supposed Lufeng
Therizinosaur (which is beyond any shadow of a doubt, from a juvenile
Lufengosaurus) which talks about how it would not at all be unexpected for a
therizinosaur to be living at that time:


Peter Buchholz

When someone says something's not about money.. it is; and when someone says
something's not about sex.. it is.