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CNN:Is it snowing in Oregon?

Finally news! The Oregon Team have back down and agreed that dinosaurs were
warm blooded! I just wish they would have done it in a more clear way
without boggling everyone's minds. Correct me if I'm wrong, but this CNN
thing  can be counted among the most complex array of rubbish and
contradictory stuff that I have ever come about in the net... but then it
is just the Oregon Team in their inimitable style.

 >>Meat-eating dinosaurs may have been
technically reptilian, but they could run fast enough and long enough to
chase down any prey they wanted, researchers said on Thursday.
Studies on the fossilized remains of a baby dinosaur found in Italy show
it probably was cold-blooded like a reptile, but had the metabolic
capacity of a  modern mammal or bird.

Cold-blooded as a reptile with the metabolism of a mammal or a bird??? One
thing or the other or both? Technically speaking, having a mammal or bird
metabolism would imply just that: warmbloodedness, or if you prefer
homeothermy or endothermy, no matter what 'type' or what strategy is used,
the inner temperature and metabolism are still controlled internally, and
NOT just regulated by the environment.

>>John Ruben, who also worked on the study, noted that reptiles such as
crocodiles can move quickly in short bursts.
>>"They can sprint," he said in a telephone interview. "The difference is
that warm-blooded animals (such as birds and mammals) can maintain this
for a lot longer. They have a lot more stamina. And that is what we are
saying the  theropod dinosaurs had."

Here it is: finally the Oregon Team agree that dinosaurs were not crocs or
reptiles and were warm blooded, since they didn't have 'reptilian'
metabolism and were much more like birds and mammals than crocodiles.

>>So they would be as quick and ruthless as a crocodile, with the stamina
of a modern-day carnivore such as a lion.

Right, so we know now that dinosaurs were crocodiles that behaved
metabolically like a lion. Dinosaurs were warm-blooded crocodiles.
It seems that 'cold-blooded' is an empirically acquired trascendental
characteristic of any and all reptiles...dinosaurs are reptiles ergo they
should be cold-blooded. Keep the birds out of this... but didn't we agree
before that birds are 'reptiles'?

>>"What you have is a turbocharged reptile," Geist said.
The layout was like that of a creature that breathes with a diaphragm,
like humans and other mammals do. That implies a breathing capacity much
greater than that seen in most living reptiles.

'Breathing like humans and mammals' (their words not mine), but hey, STILL
A REPTILE (Please note that the term is used here as an archaism).
Dinosaurs were mammal-mimics. They just pretended to be warm blooded.

>>If dinosaurs were cold-blooded, that could explain why they died out 65
million years ago, Ruben said.

They ceased to be 'turbos' when the environment went cold... what happened
with all the energetic mammal-like crocs stuff? And all despite that
there's no evidence of immediate cooling of the climate from the Cretaceous
to the Paleocene (please can someone provide evidence for a Paleocene Ice
Age?) , and the fact that dinosaurs lived happily in the seasonal North
Pole for a very long time.

And all this coming from the people that mistook fossil slab's glue for
Sinosauropteryx internal organ traces and combed dead sea snake tissue to
made it look like Sino's protofeathers.

Fabulous fun!

Luis Rey

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