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K/T frogs

In the latest Natural History Magazine, the last photo is of a frog
under a sheet of ice (page 88).

It says some Wood frogs burrow in the winter and CAN venture into water
and be trapped in ice. But they don't die. Their bodies produce sugar
glycose, a natural antifreeze, inhibits the body tissue from freezing. 

If they could do it, and if other frogs could do it, then Bakkers claim
that frogs are a good explanation that there wasn't a cooling at the K/T
boudary is incorrect. Some frogs live just fine in freezing, albet after
a spirng thaw. 

This also reminds me about keeping frogs in a freezer at High School,
then disceting them in class, only to have them come out of hibernation
during the disection (well it never happened to me but I've heard about
it). So frogs are not that great of a group to indacate the weather
taking a dive at the K/T boundary, because they COULD surive freesing