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New Refs #30

And some more refs from the stack....

Avanzini, M. 1998. Vertebrate findings from the Lower Jurassic of the
   Trento Platform (N Italy). Preliminary Report. Studi Trent.
   Sci. Nat., Acta Geol. 73:75-80.

Batch of dinosaur footprints. Short note.

And now earlier comments on nomenclatural stuff that what was mentioned last 

Comments on the proposed designation of Iguanodon...(see last time).
   Bull. Zoological Nomenclature 55(3):172.

Comments by David Norman and Angela Milner in support of suggestion by Charig & 
Chapman (not me).

Maisch, M.W. & A.T. Matzke. 1998. Observations on Triassic
   ichthyosaurs. Part IV. On the forelimb of Mixosaurus Baur, 1887.
   N. Jb. Geol. Palaont. Abh. 209(2):247-272.

Humerus similar to other primitive ichthyosaurs but retains a rather 
terrestrial look. Discusses intraspecific and ontogenetic variation. Humerus 
closest to Utatsusaurus and Parvinatator and is very basal ichthyosaurian.

Evans, S.E. & L.J. Barbadillo. 1998. An unusual lizard (Reptilia:
   Squamata) from the Early Cretaceous of Las Hoyas, Spain.
   Zool. J. Linnean Society, 124:235-265.

Describes a new form from Las Hoyas - a neat outcrop near Cuenca, Spain - a new 
genus and species Scandensia ciervensis that seems to be the sister taxon to 
living squamates. Neat.

Gardin, S. & S. Monechi. 1998. Palaeoecological change in
   the middle to low latitude calcareous nannoplankton at the
   Cretaceous/Tertiary boundary. Bull. Soc.  Geol. France,

Nice, detailed discussion of calc nannos across the boundary with big shift and 
only a few reworked beasts found above. Nice review. I love palaeoecology - any 
word with 4 vowels in a row can't be all bad.

This was probably mentioned but...

Ryan, M.J. & P.J. Currie. 1998. First report of
   protoceratopsians (Neoceratopsia) from the Late
   Cretaceous Judith River Group, Alberta, Canada.
   Canadian J. Earth Sciences, 35:820-826.

Still finding new stuff in that well studied group. Batch of elements that 
appear to be protoceratopsian and are in the middle Campanian (Dinosaur Park 
Formation) of Alberta. Dentaries described and assigned to Leptoceratops sp. 
Nice review of North American protoceratopsians.

And now one that has been mentioned. I have an inquiry in as to how to order 
copies and will share the info when it comes in.

Brinkman, D.L., R.L. Cifelli & N.J. Czaplewski. 1998. First
   Occurrence of Deinonychus antirrhopus (Dinosauria:
   Theropoda) from the Antlers Formation (Lower Cretaceous:
   Aptian - Albian) of Oklahoma. Oklahoma Geological
   Survey, Bulletin 146:27 p.

Material associated with 3 partial skeletons of Tenontosaurus. Includes 
material from most regions of the body and seems to be a subadult.

Gardner, J.D. & A.O. Averianov. 1998. Albanerpetonid 
   Amphibians from the Upper Cretaceous of Middle Asia.
   Acta Palaeontologica Polonica 43(3):453-467.

General review of the group from Asia. Pretty scrappy stuff, basically 

That's enough for now. More shortly...

Ralph Chapman, NMNH