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Re: K/T frogs

Toads frequently survive winters by hibernating in a burrow.
Where do frog workers think frogs and toads diverged? I would think it
was very very early, pre K/T by a long shot.

What's the difference between regular toad hibernation and
supersugarcrisp hibernation?  (or anyone know a ref?)
Would it be possible that salamanders, newts, mud-dogs, and other
non-frog amphibians could also suparsugarcrisp?

-Betty Cunningham

tlford@ix.netcom.com wrote:
> It says some Wood frogs burrow in the winter and CAN venture into 
> water and be trapped in ice. But they don't die. Their bodies 
> produce sugar glycose, a natural antifreeze, inhibits the body 
> tissue from freezing.

> If they could do it, and if other frogs could do it, then Bakkers claim
> that frogs are a good explanation that there wasn't a cooling at the K/T
> boudary is incorrect. Some frogs live just fine in freezing, albet after
> a spirng thaw.