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Trippy Skippy (was: CNN:Is it snowing in Oregon?)

> I'll read the article before reaching any conclusions on the turbo-charged
> _Scipionyx_, but I do feel some consolation in reading that Ruben et al. now
> view theropods as being capable of high levels of activity over extended
> periods of time, just as their detractors have been writing for many years.
> Of course, if the Oregon team insists on sticking to the view that the
> theropods couldn't possibly have given rise to birds on account of their lung
> anatomy, there's still plenty to argue about...

I just wanted to point out that there is a small but beautiful photograph of
_Scipionyx samniticus_ illuminated by ultraviolet light at the _Science_ site,
which can be viewed for free by all who register.  The site is
<www.sciencemag.org>.  I got to the image by performing a "search" on Volume:
"283" and Anywhere in Article: "dinosaur."  The search will link you up with
abstracts of two articles pertaining to theropod breathing and metabolic
physiology and to a third article, "The Soft Side of Dinosaurs," which provides
no abstract but does connect you to the black light _Scipionyx_ image.  It's one
of the most beautiful things I've ever seen.  Maybe fossils can be art after
Ralph Miller   <gbabcock@best.com>

"It's what's inside that counts."