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Re: When crocodiles poop

On Fri, 22 Jan 1999 9:20:37 -0500, Norm writes:
> I mean, when they defecate, what do they produce--a tight little
sausage-like thingy  >or a dollop of a slurry that looks like whipped

Well, if I may be allowed to extrapolate from my iguana's habits, it
depends on what they've eaten lately-when Ficus has had lots of watery
things, it's more the latter.  If she's had less watery things, than more
the former.  I speak from great experinence on this, as I am about to
dive into another deposit she left in her  "nest"  box  (well, that's why
I put the thing in there, but she treats it more like indoor plumbing.)

This result should surprise noone, but thought I'd put in my $.02 anyway.


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