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RE: When crocodiles poop

Speaking of poo poo, my wife found several objects in a dry river bed in
Western Bexar county that MIGHT be dinosaur droppings.  Any input on who we
could send a sample too (at my expense) to identify these fossilized

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        Believe it or not, I just looked up this word to see if it is a noun
        verb, or both.  I mean, when they defecate, what do they produce--a
        little sausage-like thingy (I call coprolites "petrified turds" to
get a 
        few laughs in my dinos class, but I'm positive there must be a more 
        sophisticated term) or a dollop of a slurry that looks like whipped
        (in the barnyard, you might call it chickenwhip)?

        I just asked our resident herpetologist, and he just walked away
        his head.  I think he's trying to avoid me more and more lately.

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