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Re: A question about Prosauropods from Placerias Quarry

buck tegowski wrote:
> In 1995 Long and Murry reported a proximal head of femur of a
> prosauropod from the Placerias Quarry of AZ.
> I vaguely remember some disagreed with that referral.
> If my memory is correct, can someone please provide me with the
> citation.
> Thank you in advance.
> Buck Tegowski

Check this out

Hunt, Adrian P., Spencer G. Lucas, Andrew B. Heckert, Robert M. Sullivan
and Martin G. Lockley, 1998. Late Triassic Dinosaurs from the Western
United States. Geobios, Volume 31, Number 4: 511-531.

They clear up a lot of Triassic Dinosaur material.