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Aalenian Dinosaurs?

In a recent post, Pete Buchholz pointed out that hardly any theropods are
known from the Middle Jurassic at all. I've just recently created a
cgi-bin search form to search the species (and unnamed material) listed on
my site by time & place (this search form and others will be up on my site
for everyone to use just as soon as I get my own server), so I decided to
explore this. To my surprise, I found that not only are no theropods known
from the Aalenian Age (the first age of the Middle Jurassic), but no
dinosaurs, period, are known from the Aalenian! (No pterosaurs, either!)
Two explanations I can think of:

1) There are Aalenian dinosaurs, but they're obscure and I only have them
listed as "Middle Jurassic" (or just "Jurassic") or haven't found any
information at all on their time period. 

2) No Aalenian dinosaurs are known.

Is the latter the case? Are there really just no good terrestrial Aalenian
deposits in the world? That's a pretty good-sized gap!

TACKED-ON QUESTION: Anyone know what the type species of _Pterodactylus_

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