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Re:"The X Digit"...a Pteroid bone??

Sun Jan 24, 1999 Dinogeorge writes (in response to query as to why he thinks
Pterosaurs may not be archosaurs)....

>Everybody should have a look at Dave Peters's pterosaur Web site:


>(I was just there and it is up and running.)

>A very well-designed Web site that features Dave's pterosaur phylogeny.
>enough to publish anywhere, in my opinion. He argues that pterosaurs are
>derived prolacertiforms, not archosaurs, a viewpoint that is winning
>in high places.

Yes! Excellant site , was sent to that site myself by...(B.Cunningham??) in
a quest for possible early Ptero-bird ancestor. Thought Cosesaurus might
make a good canditate,
once thought to be avian, now thought to be pterosaur ancestor. Got
Ellenberger`s original description (thanks Tracy Ford),...don`t read french,
but it looks promising!

I`ll go along with it. So,...now I`m really thinking that Archosaurs
themselves evolved out of the direct line  from Prolacertiform to
ptero-bird. Why not?